Traning - PepperBall® Protect

Master trainers with extensive military and law enforcement experience provide guidance on using and maintaining your PepperBall® devices. Working with local authorities, they will review your organization’s current safety plans and instruct designated individuals on using PepperBall’s non-lethal protection.

Strategic Consultation

Strategic Consultation

Our trainers collaborate with administrators, resource officers and local law enforcement to integrate PepperBall® non-lethal defense into current protocols. If your school or organization does not have a defined defense plan, PepperBall® experts can work with you to create a plan to address potential violence and outside threats.

Classroom Lectures


An organization’s staff and designated individuals are given a thorough overview on storing, using and maintaining PepperBall® launcher devices. This ensures that all are equipped and comfortable with operating a PepperBall® device if ever required to do so.

Practice range


All program participates are given one-on-one instruction to accurately fire the PepperBall® devices. This includes complete product demonstrations and monitored time at a local gun range.