Advantages - PepperBall® Protect

When your public defense program includes PepperBall®, you have an incredible advantage – non-lethal protection that extends up to 150 feet. This means you can operate from safer distances and, in turn, have more time to evaluate a threat before engaging. Other non-lethal alternatives require close proximity for effective use, and traditional firearms provide zero margin for mistakes.

PepperBall® VS. Alternatives
Pepper Spray
Non-Lethal *
Effective Stopping Power
Effective Without Line of Sight
Effective Engagement Distance 60-150 Feet 12 Feet 15 Feet 75 Feet
Recoil Free
Laser/Flashlight Included (LifeLite)
Collateral Damage Risk Low Low Low High
Capacity 5-6 Projectiles 5 Shots 2 Rounds 10-16 Rounds
Effective Duration 15 Minutes 15 Minutes 5 Seconds NA
Practice Capable


PepperBall® launchers operate with incredible precision up to 150 feet away. The LifeLite flashlight launcher provides a red-dot laser guide to pinpoint target placement. The TCP pistol launcher fires rifled PepperBall® rounds that can dramatically increase rand and accuracy.

No Line of Sight Required

In situations where a threat has been confirmed, but is obstructed by a corner wall, piece of furniture or other partial barrier, PepperBall® provides a completely unique advantage. The 15-foot active range of the PepperBall® Cloud enables you to incapacitate an individual by simply firing a launcher in the general direction.